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Keith is a Senior Executive with over 18 years of experience as a CEO for a small niche software business. He has had annual success with building a company from the ground-up while achieving revenue growth, profit, along side of recruiting and staff development with talented individuals.

His experience includes a focus on technical industries including software development and wireless telecommunications. Part of Keith’s responsibilities and goals are to develop long term business relationships with upper-level decision makers, while maintaining a keen eye on identifying critical business issues. He prides himself with having the ability to create a positive culture within an entire organization while focusing on delivering key customer commitments.

Keith founded Dragon Consulting in 1998 in Waterbury Center, VT to help travel companies manage data. He has been a long time resident of Colorado moving to Boulder in 1999. In 2013, Dragon Consulting was re-branded as DragonDev.

In 2016, Keith sold portions of DragonDev and started The Dragon Company, LLC to bring his expertise and knowledge to companies as a consultant. Keith has currently worked on projects with T-Mobile, Branch Communications and Colorado State Fire Chiefs.

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Keith Dragon


Pam Brickles
Project Manager

Keith and I have worked on the same nation-wide project for about two years now. Keith is the lead Project Manager and has been essential to the team's progress. He evaluates every situation with an open mind and brings all pros, cons and differences of opinion to the team for analysis. His professionalism and leadership and an asset to this project.

Pat Evans
SBA Communications
Property Specialist II

Keith was of immeasureable help with the design and implementation of complext project tracking systems for T-Mobile. He is absolutely trustworthy - I recommend him highly.

Allan Tantillo
National Director

Keith is very knowledgeable and experienced. His understanding of the wireless business makes compliments his data management skills. This combination is rare and extremely helpful.